The Myth of ‘Reality’ Based Self-Defense

Through Neuroscientific research we know now that the human brain is a prediction and pattern detecting machine. The brain from this perspective desires stability, clarity, and consistency. These are characteristics that the brain views as essential to its survival. In contrast unpredictability, instability and uncertainty are seen as a threat to its survival. This answers an important question that has confounded me for some time.

Why are so many reality based systems so popular, in light of the fact that so many of these systems, fail to teach unpredictability, instability and uncertainty?

Anyone with real ‘fight’ experience knows that knowing how to deal with unpredictability, instability and uncertainty (UIU) are the essential ingredients to surviving a ‘fight’. Not only are these essential ingredients to survive that fight, these are the ingredients of all fights to begin with. In other words, no matter how much a person would like to avoid UIU, there is no way too.