Embedded With Thai Special Forces & What We Taught Them

A month ago I had the privilege and honour of being invited to The Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command. Along with two of my trainers Aaron Le Boutillier and Adam Kayoom, we set about introducing over thirty special force operators to the Weaponize-Your-Body (WYB) for Military Operators Program. As with all of our WYB …

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Slow Principles That Lead To Success in Your Martial Arts Game (& Life)

Over the past few years, I have been emphasising to my students to slow down. Slowing down isn’t something most of us find easy. Everyone is rushing, from rushing to work, rushing to meet deadlines, to rushing to pick the kids up on time, and getting them to their next activity. All of us know how to rush, but most of us have forgotten how to ‘slow’.

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