Bare Knuckle Boxing: From the Ring to the Street

In this course Rodney breaks down how to take the ‘combat athletic base’ of Crazy Monkey Defense boxing and apply it to bare knuckle. This is an organic course, in the sense that it continues to grow. What you see available now in the course, will continue to be refined, added to, and expanded upon.

This course focuses on the outside, the mid-line and close quarter game, with over 6-hours of instruction, covering both theory, techniques, application and solo training. This course begins with the outside game, crucial in building your confidence so that you can then advance into the mid line game and the close quarter games of bare knuckle boxing.

Launching into Bare Knuckle

Fighting From The Outside: 3 Key Skills

Fighting From The Outside: Tools for the Fight

Fighting Out of the Rim: Bringing it Together

Fighting Solo @ a Distance

Fighting From the Mid Line: Taking The Fight to the Opponent

Fighting Solo @ the Mid Line

Fighting From Close Quarters: Clinch Boxing

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