Welcome to the CORE16 Online Training Platform!

As a new member of the Crazy Monkey Defense Trainers Program your journey begins here.

You will learn through this course how to successfully coach the CORE16 training program. Spanning 18 weeks, the CORE16 covers the foundation of building a combat athletic game designed to teach your students how to be safe and healthy – while developing the skills to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skillfully!

Week 1 Orientation: Introduction to the CMD System

Week 1 Orientation: Introduction to CORE16

Week 1 Orientation: Pedagogy – The Art & Science of Teaching 

Week 2: The HDF Engine 

Week 3: Riding the Storm, Part 1

Week 4: Street Kicks

Week 5: Kick Defense

Week 6: The BEAR 

Week 7: Secondary Primary Strikes

Week 8: Riding the Storm, Part 2

Week 9: The Rim-Shot Range

Week 10: Mid-Line Long Range Strikes

Week 11: Riding the Storm, Part 3

Week 12: Keeping the Fight Standing

Week 13: Getting Back to Your Feet

Week 14: Surviving the Ambush 

Week 15: Flow Glove Drills

Week 16: Flow Kickboxing Progressions

Week 17: Rim-Shot Range with Gloves

Week 18: Coaching For Performance

This section does not have any lessons.

Probationary Trainer Evaluation Process

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