All new members to the Crazy Monkey Defense Trainers Program begin their journey here. CORE16 is Crazy Monkey’s formative training course taught to all new students to the program. Spanning 16 weeks, the CORE16 covers the foundation of building a Combat Athletic game that transcends to self-preservation.

In addition, CORE16 defines what Crazy Monkey Defense is, the structure of the program from CORE16 to Golden Gloves, and the responsibilities of a Trainer in the program.

While Crazy Monkey Defense is NOT a distance learning program, CORE16 culminates in a video exam prior to an Apprentice Trainer being allowed to move on in the program and curriculum. Think of CORE16 as a ‘probation period’ in the Crazy Monkey Defense Trainers Program, where we assess if a person is the right fit for our team.

All future recognition for Trainers, starting from White Gloves Trainer onwards, requires that a Trainer test in person.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Rodney King Rodney King Author

Inner Fitness Strategist | Systems Thinker | Author | Teacher | Martial Artist

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