Solo-Fighting Online Course

Follow along with Rodney as he takes you through the process of developing your striking game solo. The best part of this course is that you can do the drills anywhere, with little or no equipment. This is the exact same approach and process Rodney uses to develop his own game on the road while traveling and teaching.

What Others Have Said

Awesome Solo fighting course!
By: tri_legs71

Hey coach! It’s another brilliant online course from you. A very detailed and simple instructions to follow that enhance my basic fundamentals. Just received some add-ons and hoping for more updates to follow. Congratulations!

Despite high expectations – still better then expected
By: Martin Nowak

I have all the other courses. If you have any martial arts background - asI suppose most people who land on this site have - these courses are easy to follow, full of absolutely applicable practical stuff and very well designed. Since I once worked as a private security operative I can attest that Dr Kings advice is perfectly valid. Now this here course on solo training is a perfectly custom made companion to any of the other courses. We all know how difficult it is to find a partner to train seriously train with. Most solo training programs are geared towards sports - which is fine, but you have to make adaptations if you want to do bare-knuckle stuff for self-preservation. Dr King supplied the right course. Well worth the money. So full of material it will keep me busy and training for a while before I have it down to a sufficient level of proficiency. Enough. GOOD STUFF

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