Trainers Field Guide (For Trainer Pre 2020)

Being a Trainer in one of our programs is more than simply teaching the martial physical skill sets. There is so much more that goes into becoming a successful Trainer. In the Trainers Field Guide we expose you to the inner workings of being a great teacher, a successful business owner and leader.


Best Practices in Teaching

While you may be representing one of our many programs, they are all underpinned by our unique approach to teaching the physical skills sets and our wisdom philosophy where we seek to encourage our students to see the larger picture of training with us as being more than simply about learning to fight. In best practices of teaching we will show you what we believe are some of the best practices in teaching, based on our experience, our research and within larger pedagogical theories.


The Business End

Many Trainers want to teach. But running a successful training group and or academy takes a lot of work. Not least, understanding the back end, and how to market yourself effectively. While this can be a very broad topic, in the Trainers Field Guide we will show you how other trainers have successfully marketed themselves, so you to can do the same. This includes downloads of the appropriate logos for the programs you represent and so forth.


Developing Leadership Skills

While you may not view yourself as such, all Trainers are leaders. In the Trainers Field Guide we expose you to the broader scope of leadership theories and practice. Leadership is also about the self (i.e., self-leadership skills). In other words, leadership is crucially important in how you show up on the mat too. This module of the Trainers Field Guide will aid you in developing important leadership skills.


How The Trainers Field Guide is Set Out

The Trainers Field Guide is a collection of written material, audio, video lectures and trainer only webinars. We feel this mix of content will enable you to maximize your learning efficiency.  The Trainers Field Guide is a work in progress, and as such is added to, and updated on a regular basis. We encourage you to check back regularly.

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