"I have trained with many good striking coaches including an Olympic bronze medalist in boxing and a multiple world Muay Thai champion. However, my training with Coach Rodney King took me to a whole new level. Rodney has a structured program that not only teaches a person great offensive and defensive techniques, but also, how to apply those techniques in real live sparring. The best thing of all is, I didn’t even get hurt. To top it off, I was very well taken care of by Aaron and his wife Bim at the awesome Tree Roots Retreat in the beautiful country of Thailand."
Shane Villars
BJJ Black Belt

Train with Me in Thailand

Or Host Me For a Seminar Anywhere in the World!

Due to changes in my personal life, I now reside semi-permanently in Thailand (you can read more about this here). Having said that, living in paradise isn’t all that bad. I invite you to come down to Tree Roots Retreat, my new home and come train with me. Come for a couple of days, or stay for a few weeks, it’s totally up to you.

The Retreat has fantastic accommodation and a full time dedicated training Academy, which I head. It’s a five minute walk to the beach, with quaint Mom & Pop seafood restaurants that line the beach front. The Retreat is situated in Rayong (2-hrs from Bangkok), in a laid back fishing village, making it ideal for a perfect quiet training-holiday away from the crowds.

Of course I still conduct seminars around the world. My latest seminar schedule can be found on my Facebook page here.

Feel free to contact be below to find out more!
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