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Rodney is the 'real deal' when it comes to all things 'street'. I 100% encourage students of the arts to investigate what Rodney King has to offer. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't.
Richard Norton
Award winning Actor, Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, and Martial Artist
I use the term ‘sport’ merely as a metaphor; it encompasses any movement that brings about wellness in the mind and body. I have written many books on this subject and I receive positive feedback from so many people around the world. This message and the implementation thereof have deeply touched their lives. After you have read the books or heard the message you may be asking yourself what now? Rodney’s programs and coaching would help you continue on your journey of personal growth through lessons learnt from ‘sport’, movement and the development of a strong mental game.
Dr. Jerry Lynch
World renowned Sports Psychologist and author of Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

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Thought Pieces

Rodney King

The Mystery of ‘Pressure Testing’ in Self-Defense Training

I was forwarded an article, where the author who is a founder of his own system writes about how so many self-defense instructors don’t pressure test what they teach. This leaves them open, as he suggests to putting forward ludicrous claims and advice on the topic of self-protection. I agree, except, and ironically I know

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Rodney King

Embedded With Thai Special Forces & What We Taught Them

A month ago I had the privilege and honour of being invited to The Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command. Along with two of my trainers Aaron Le Boutillier and Adam Kayoom, we set about introducing over thirty special force operators to the Weaponize-Your-Body (WYB) for Military Operators Program. As with all of our WYB

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Rodney King

Lessons From Unruly Passenger Training

I have had the great fortune over the past 24-months to have helped out in teaching some amazing cabin crew from one of the worlds best airlines, Singapore Airlines in how to effectively deal with unruly passenger behaviour. The reality is that in 2017, there was 1 unruly passenger incident for every 1,053 flights around

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