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Coach Rodney King

Martial ARTist/Self-Preservation Trainer/Author/Movement Adventurer

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Very few self-preservation trainers have actually deployed what they teach in any meaningful way. It isn’t uncommon for many self-proclaimed ‘self defense experts’ to have never actually applied what they teach in the reality of interpersonal violence. Coach Rodney isn’t one of those people.


Born on the unforgiving streets, on the South Side of Johannesburg, he was brought up in a government housing estate, where gangs on the street and bullies at school were a daily occurrence. Rodney learned early on, that it didn’t matter how smart you were, all that mattered was how tough you were. When he wasn’t surviving the mean streets, dodging the neighborhood gangs, he was trying to avoid the bullies at school. Brought up by an abusive, alcoholic Mother, home wasn’t safe either.


At age 17, in another drunken rage, His Mother kicked him out of the house. Finding himself sleeping on the streets of ‘Joburg’, it seemed that he would become another sad statistic of violence, poverty and bad parenting. But he survived. Before his 18th birthday he enrolled into the South African Defense Force. Proving himself in a leadership role, he rose to the rank of platoon sergeant in the VIP Protection Unit. He was later deployed as part of counter insurgents operations, becoming the lead hand-to-hand combat instructor for his unit.


After leaving the military, with a skill set no one in the civilian world would employ, and never completing high school, he struggled to find work. The only job he could find was as a doorman. Over the next several years, Rodney worked outside some of the toughest nightclubs in and around Johannesburg. Eventually, he rose to lead a team of over 70 doorman as the head bouncer for dozens of nightclubs. It was specifically during this period that he honed his fighting skills, learning first hand what works and doesn’t in interpersonal violence.

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Over the years Rodney applied the inner game skills he learned as a martial artist to become more resilient, to embrace his fears, and to develop laser-like focus. Having developed these qualities (he had to!) he went back to school, and put himself through college. His he currently completing his Ph.D.


Over the past decade Rodney has taught special-force military operators and law enforcement officers how to develop an unstoppable physical game and mind needed to survive when all else fails on the battlefield, or on the mean city streets. He has taught thousands of students how to both survive in life and death interpersonal violent encounters, as well as how to take on the Martial Arts of Everyday Life more skillfully.

Author of Full Contact Living and Shugyo-Fit, he continues to explore both the functional domain of martial efficacy, along with taking the lessons from the mat to supercharge a person’s life.

Rodney is also a 4th degree Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Rigan Machado. His training program both for stand-up, Jiu-Jitsu and self preservation are now represented and taught all over the world.

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