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Coach Rodney King

About Brooklyn

About Coach Rodney

My story is about beating the odds. Growing up in government housing on the South Side of Johannesburg, surrounded by bullies and gangs — brought me face to face with aggression, violence and fear. I learned to use my fists to fight my way out. I then taught others to do the same.

Now in my 40’s I feel I have finally woken up to realize that the real fight was never out there, but always in here, inside me. My work continues, finding the most appropriate way to experience my martial arts as a catalyst for personal transformation. My victories are not the conventional kind, in fact, my approach is counter culture. Most don’t agree with me, (especially men) — but I see the profound positive changes happening in my students lives each day on the mat.

About Brooklyn

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The Embodied-Warrior Operating System (OS) is built of my one-on-one coaching platform I offer to my personal training students at my studio in Johannesburg (and globally). I started the Embodied-Warrior OS experience for students who were looking for a deeper experience of the lesson’s they learned on the mat, and how those lessons could help them supercharge their everyday life. This is my free international list, for people who love my approach and philosophy and want to know more about how to take the lessons from the mat to supercharge their life, but don’t have the opportunity to train with me personally (or not often) Best of all it’s currently totally FREE.


I don’t share any of the EMBODIED-WARRIOR OS episodes on the public domain. Its for members only. That way I know I am reaching the right people who want to hear more about how to take the lessons from the mat, to supercharge their everyday life.


The EMBODIED-WARRIOR OS is a vlogcast, often shot on the road as I travel around the world. Notifications of new episodes are sent directly to your inbox.


EMBODIED-WARRIOR OS is a personal journey, my journey, and your journey into martial arts. I share key insights into my training, philosophy and taking the lessons from the mat into the world, in hopes you can do the same.

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The Combat Intelligent Athlete Show

I talk to some the most interesting people on the planet, many of which are martial artists
about what else: the martial arts experience, self defense and taking the lessons from the mat into life.


Coach Rodney answers all his own mails, if you have question or need more information about any of his products or services, send him a mail below.